About Us



We are pleased to introduce VINEET SANITRADE CO. (VSC) as an upcoming company being managed by talented and experienced young professionals committed to qualitative and quantitative work satisfaction for all our esteemed clients. VINEET SANITRADE CO. (VSC) was established in 2009. It pioneers in manufacturing of 'Stainless Steel & Brass Bathroom Accessories'.

An innovation from one of the most promising and young entrepreneurs in the field of bathroom and sanitary products - Vineet Jain, assures you for best products. He was among the key members of 'Team Chilly', where he was on position of Executive Director from 1991 till 2005 and later was instrumental in the inception of Camry in 2005, handling responsibilities as a Director upto 2009. Possessing rich knowledge of product development and manufacturing process at CHILLY and CAMRY, he has proceeded to bring all his passion, at VSC.

AWe at VSC are now introducing "CARDIN" which will become a recognizable name among millions in India. VSC is first in the trade to acquire the ISO 9001-2008 certification, within a few months of incorporation.


The choice of finishing helps the bathroom design vision. Enhance your bathroom space and add a perfect finishing touch through accessories that fits the unique style. Cardinbath offers decorative innovative and high quality bath accessories to suit any bathroom décor. We provide variety of styles, especially designed to enrich today’s decorations. The finishes are guaranteed not to tarnish and deliver quiet a pleasing appearance. We help to enhancing the style which adds beauty to any bath.



With quality and consistency as the prime motivating factors, CARDIN is all set to conquer the broad horizons. Some features which make us stand out of the crowd:

1. Commercial – We offer cost effective stylish choices of bathroom accessories
2. Design – Attractively designed bath accessories and fittings
3. Resistance – All the accessories are highly corrosion resistant and last for a long period
4. Quality – We use finest quality products to give your bathroom a sophisticated look
5. Tensile Strength – All our bathroom accessories are preferred for their high tensile strength and the light weight

The Success of VSC is empowered to its customer orientation. Complying with the changing needs and taste has been the company's main motive. Search for quality is never ending. So we always work for more improvements in our products to make the same as “Exclusive”.